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Character name:
Canon source (specify novel, TV show, etc):
Approximate age and gender:
Physical traits:
General personality:
Sample roleplay piece:

Your LJ:
Age: (you can leave this empty or just put 'old enough'; we want this to reference to just in case people want to publicly RP adult situations)
Where can we contact you?:
Tell us something random:

Sample application:

Character name: Your mom
Canon source (specify novel, TV show, etc): In Bed Last Night With Me (novel)
Approximate age and gender: 42, female
Physical traits: Blah blah blah, descriptive traits, maybe I should've actually used a real character (though I didn't want to steal anyone's thunder) because this is kind of disturbing. General physical features and anything that sticks out. Any powers?
General personality: Once again, just a 2-3 sentence run-down of their personality.
Sample roleplay piece: (any tense can be used)

Your mom stood near the front door, carefully watering the flowers that grew between the sidewalk and the side of the house. It was a scorchingly hot day out so she wore a wide-brimmed hat to keep the sun out of her face; the heat was still vicious, though, and she decided that she was going to finish watering this section before escaping inside to the air-conditioned living room. Suddenly, she looked up and saw someone standing on her lawn.

"Why, hello," she said. "Aren't you a lovely young lady and aren't you doing a smashing job of running that roleplay of yours?" [Basically? A small paragraph of description and a sentence of dialogue or two.]

Your LJ: rhombal
Age: Old enough!
Where can we contact you?:
Tell us something random: I love the Beatles! :D

Fill out the application, email it to oflastresortmod[at]gmail[dot]com and we will reply with "approved!" or something like "approved, but watch the Mary Sue tendencies!" ASAP. Then you're free to create a journal (if you haven't already) and join in the action!
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