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MOST IMPORTANT THINGS TO KNOW: They start in the lobby, sometime during the first day or two they find their key (in an envelope in a cubbyhole with their name on it, behind the front desk), and this key is for their room. See below for specifics!

Okay, this is the fun stuff. This is just a general outline so if you need to know anything specific, just ask and we'll make something up.


  • The resort is huge. It includes a main building with a lobby and a few hundred rooms (plus amenities) as well as several outbuildings. It's very classy; a couple of stories tall and with a perfectly-kept white exterior. There are some flowers and a fountain out front on a patio, but otherwise, no sign of driveways or parking facilities.
  • Sidewalks and pathways cut through the lawn both in front and in back. There's a flower garden, a swimming pool, a golf course, a pond (for fishing, duck-feeding, etc), stables (with a few horses), and an open lawn area with a few barbecue pits. Off to the side, hidden among some outbuildings, there's even a medium-sized vegetable garden. Everything else is just forest.
  • The weather is pretty mild. It snows a little during the winter, it's pleasant during spring and fall, and it's a little hot + dry during the summer. The normal animals can be found in the forest.


  • THE LOBBY: This is where your characters will first end up. It's very nicely decorated in an understated Victorian fashion. There are some couches and coffee tables, beautiful lighting fixtures, and the front desk is made from carved wood. The lobby looks out onto the front lawn.
  • The rooms are just rooms. Your character will either have one inside the main building or in an outbuilding. The closet will inexplicably have some of their clothing. The room itself has a relatively comfortable bed, a dresser, a closet, a bathroom (with some toiletries), and a computer terminal. This terminal allows them to use a journal, kind of like LJ - this is so we have an excuse of allowing other characters the ability to comment on their journal entries - but nothing else.
  • There is also an indoor swimming pool, a bar, a regular dining room (traditional food with some ethnic variety), a classier dining area (think filet mignon and caviar; the catch is that not everyone can eat there), a few gathering areas with comfortable sofas and (filled) bookcases, an exercise room, a little convenience store with standard items, and a few other surprises.


  • There is no staff. Sometimes, notices will be posted in the lobby - but otherwise, the horses in the stables are invisibly fed, the sheets get changed when your character isn't in the room, food gets delivered via dumbwaiter, etc etc.
  • When your character first arrives, there will be a mailbox with their name on it. Inside the mailbox will be an envelope with a key to their room in it.
  • Yes, this is the creepy part of this resort (which is otherwise quite lovely). Feel free to make them freak out about it.


  • Well, when they first arrive, you decide where they stay. If they like peace and quiet and you want to be nice, their room can be in one of the outbuildings. If they hate nature and you want to be mean - ditto. It's up to you.
  • Also - throw parties! Get jobs (someone needs to tend the vegetable garden, exercise the horses, serve people food, be a life-guard, etc etc) if they're the hard-working type! There also isn't a medic. Think about that for a second. Attempt to solve the mystery of the place! Start a matchmaking business! Be awesome!
  • Sometimes the mod account will post good things! There may be chances to win vouchers/permanent access to the classier dining area, random kittens sitting in the lobby, a movie being shown in a theatre that the characters never knew existed, and - you know, all that jazz.
  • Other times, the mod account will post bad things. Power outages, storms, and possibly even worse. DUN DUN DUN.
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